Q & A

Can my pond be emptied if the valve is not working?
If You make sure that Your pump is connected to Socket A, You will have the following safety:
The power supply is cut off at the same time as the filter in case of power failure.
The pump will be turned off during valve operation and not switched on again before valve contact is locked in position.

Do I need to buy a new pump to use the filter?

No – All pumps with a max. head of 6 m., max. flow of 20000 l./h. and a max. power consumption of 400 watts will work with the filter.
It is not allowed to block or reduce the outlets of the filter – Max. working pressure must not exceed 0,3 bar.

Please note that on rare occasion some electronic pumps requiring very stable power supply might react unpredictably on electronic and frequent power on/off.

Where can I find the mobile App?
The mobile App is available for IOS® and Android® – current version can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play – search for “Pondlink” or “Pondteam”.

How often should I set the filter to clean?
Regular cleaning is besides removing dirt also removing the surface layer of old inefficient bacteria’s, that normally form a slimy surface on media.
This makes the Pondlink filters very efficient – so once a week is normally fine for most ponds as initial setting.
But it is very easy to adapt to the setting that is best for Your pond.