Trouble shooting

I am not receiving any messages from the filter even though enabled in the APP ?

Please check Your spam and unwanted mail folders.
If You have online connection to the filter this should normally not be a problem.

If still not resolved – please delete the APP and reinstall.

I get warning e-mails from Pondlink every 5 minutes. Why am I receiving this? And how do I stop it?

This is a temperature warning message You receive below 4 and above 30 degrees.

If temperature is below 4 degrees You should stop the use of the filter, clean it and prepare it for winter according to the manual. Operating the filter in frost conditions will void warranty!
We recommend annual service by Your dealer, which will ensure long and reliable operation.
Service kit is available.

If You heat Your pond during winter, you should not receive this warning but might risk condensation in the electronics in a humid environment – ensure ventilation.

for You to stop the use of the filter, clean it and prepare it for winter if below 4 degrees – or to check Your filter if temperature above 30 degrees.
At the moment this warning message cannot be turned off.

We do not recommend this as cold water and hot potentially humid environment can cause condensation in the electronics.

Better service well and prepare for next season / keep ventilated and frost free.

Please check the manual for further details.

In fact, you have almost no use of the filter running during this period as the biological process almost stops in the cold period.

Better use an air pump to keep the pond oxygenated and the surface open during winter.

Air stones should be placed at the side of the pond – and not at the deepest place to avoid to much circulation causing energy demand from the fish during Hibernation and to much pressure loss for the airpump.