Trouble shooting

My password is not accepted ?

Your password should be at least 6 letters / numbers mixed.

I don’t receive any code when trying to register?

If you don’t receive an e-mail with a code when you are setting up your account, remember to check your spam and unwanted mail folders.
If still not received – please try another mail address. Sometimes specific mail addresses/servers are blocked in our server for security reasons.

I don’t see the name of my WiFi network during installation?  

In some occations the SSID is not displayed in the Pondlink App due to unsupported characters in the name or the settings of location service in Your moblie phone. We are quite strict protecting the privacy of our users – and updating of Your mobile phones operating system might result in this.
(Specially Android :-! )

Dont worry 🙂
Even if the SSID name of Your 2.4 Ghz WIFI network is not selectable/showing and only displayed as WI-FI.
You can just type in Your password below.
If Your mobile phone is connected to this network – it will work fine.

I would like to change the e-mail of my account.

You Can just register an account with the new e-mail.

Log in.

Do a Remote installation of the filter (Option 3 using serialno. and password shown in Your existing App)

Then it Will be in the new account.


Log in the Old account and delete the filter in the app (by swiping left or via top menu) on this account and just leave it unused.