Trouble shooting

How can I tell if I have WIFI in my garden?

Bring your mobile phone where you wish to place your filter. Check if you can connect to your router. If you can go online, everything should be fine for normal operation.

If You have a lot of trafic (like gaming teens etc.) You might however need to change the WIFI channel – check Your router manual.

I do not have WIFI coverage

To use Your Pondlink filter with the app, you need to have a WIFI signal.
If the signal is too weak in the garden, an easy way to solve this problem, is to buy a Wi-Fi extender – extending the range or Your router.
You can get this in many simple and inexpensive versions – some just just plug into a normal socket.

If the pond is really far away from Your house/router, You might consider to buy a mobile hotspot.
This will work over the normal mobile network and most providers offer a plan with extra sim-card for Your existing subscription at a low price.

I have WIFI coverage, but my filter will not update firmware?

Bring your filter (or just the cover/foam module) close to your router. To upgrade the firmware, you need a very stable Wi-Fi signal. This usually solves the problem. The filter is Writing direct to the memory on the control board – this require a very stable connection.

If Your mobile shows a strong signal – it might be because Your router have to many connections on the same WIFI-channel.
And indeed if You have children online – this will have a great impact even with a strong WIFI signal.
Please check the manual of Your router to divide trafic on different WIFI channels.

What is the difference of 2,4 and 5 Ghz ?
2,4 Ghz has a lower speed but longer range than 5 Ghz, and is normally used for smart home appliance, where speed is not needed.
Your router handles the total available bandwidth like You build a road with the same amount of asphalt.
Either long and narrow with reduced speed (2,4) or short and wide with high speed (5).

I have connected my mobile to 2,4 Ghz WIFI – but cannot connect filter ?

Your phone automatically switch to fastest available network, so I You have been connected to the 5 Ghz before, You need to “forget this” under available networks in Your WIFI settings.
You will not see if it has switched from 2,4 to 5 Ghz, but can prevent this as per above.

Can I use VPN software ?

No – The Pondlink App will only have limited function with VPN installed.

How can I check if the problem is my router / WIFI conditions?

If You create an Android hotspot as WIFI connection from a second phone (not the one You use for the installation) You can check.

If You can install and operate the filter in this way – the problem is Your local WIFI conditions / router.
Normally it will always work on default 2,4 Ghz settings.

Can filter work in power saving / sleeping mode ?

No – If Your router is sending this command to connected devices, it should be disabled for the filter to work.
You will be able to connect, but normal interactive communication will not work.