Trouble shooting

Water is leaking from the hose connection

If water is leaking from the hose connection, check that the supplied rubber washers have been fitted.
Check that the hose is the right size for the connection and that the hose clamp has been properly tightened.

Water is leaking from the large clamp?

If water is leaking from the clamp, check that the large O-ring is placed on the edge of the cover and fitted inside the filter casing.
And that the large clamp cover edges on cover and canister and is properly locked.

Water is slowly dripping from the waste outlet during normal operation?

Try to run a cleaning cycle a couple of times. If this does not solve the problem, the rubber seals in the valve should be replaced.
These are wear parts, and the service life depends on the cleaning frequency and potential sand particles in the water.
In rare occations the valve can be blocked by minor hard objects, capable of passing through the pump.
As the valve motor is quite powerfull, this might cause damage to the rubber seals or the valve.
Replacing the valve/rubber seals should be done by a qualified professional, as this requires the O-rings between the wet and dry section of the filter to be opened.
We recommend that the plastic part of the valve is replaced at the same time – required spares are available as a service kit.

Water is dripping under the UV section of the cover

Normally this is just because of the screws of the UV cover needs a little extra tightening or the o-ring on the electric UV cover has dried out a little due to storage.
This is easily solved by applying silicone grease and refit. Potentially O-ring can easily be replaced with a service-kit.


Please check that Your filter is not exposed  to high pressure – working pressure should not exceed 3 m. head.
If Your pump to is to powerfull, You should make a 3-way or “bypass” allowing only part of the flow to enter the filter and the rest to return directly to the pond. Potentially via supplemental UV for ponds with many fish.

The outlet and waste hose used should not be less than 50 mm. and output from filter NOT obstructed by valves or elevated or long hose.